Playing with sweater knit 


 For the month of October, pattern review has a sweater knit contest going on. Seems like the perfect time to whip out some sweaters if you ask me!  First up, out of an insanely easy to catch on everything anywhere sweater knit is this soft and pretty striped sweater.  I paid attention to stripe matching and just love the coziness.
  I have already snagged it at least a dozen times… Lesson learned, sweater knits are lovely and soft but if they are open weave? Pass. Too much work to sew something if it is going to snag a billion times and likely become unwearable before one season passes.  Next up, a pattern I mostly made up. You see, I started with the McCalls pattern I pictured at the end of this post, McCalls 6754. Notice the similarities? Yeah there are barely any!
  I opted to remove the peplum, which tend make me hippy – not a look I need help with. 

I extended all bodice pieces by 8 inches, the length of the peplum, and widened from the waist to hem for a total of 12 inches. I extended the sleeves as well.  Then, because I wanted a cardigan, I added extra front panels. The left side goes to the center and is self faced. The right side goes to the left princess seam with a facing to the right princess seam. I also lowered the whole neckline, to the same as the other views, to accommodate the draped collar, which was my final design change.
  Everything is serged and the whole shebang is held shut with three snaps.  Yup, it’s changed a lot! All in all I am quite happy with the new sweaters. I still have a good 12 yards of various sweater knits, so you will likely see a few more by the time October rolls to a close!
Oh and my Halloween costume, that’s coming soon! I just need to finish it’s….


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