Last Wednesday the hubs said, “I need lederhosen by next Saturday for an Oktoberfest party.” 

My response was ok I can manage that!

So off I went and made him some lederhosen. 
We settled on black micro suede, I’ve never seen real leather and it seemed an expensive project if I were to screw up on it.

  He thought all the pleather looked like couches so micro suede it was! 

These lederhosen had 39 pieces to put together, not including the ties, hardware, and embroidery. They’ve honestly been one of the most complex projects I’ve made to date.

He’s a fan, I think they turned out pretty well, so we will call this one a success!

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Lederhosen

  1. Michael Phillips

    Awesome Job! How was sewing with microsuede? Did it fray a lot as you sewed? I noticed on my pattern for lederhosen, there is a lot of edge stitching. Do you think this would be a problem with microsuede since my pattern calls for leather or imitation leather?

    • Mine called for leather as well, I added seam allowances to pieces that didn’t have any and did turning and top stitching in place of edge stitching. It didn’t give quite the same look, which is why I added the decorative trims, but it got the job done!

      Micro suede sews like a dream, no catching or pulling it just breezed through the machine! That said, anything that wasn’t being turned I did serge. Since it was serged, I didn’t notice much of any fraying. I would recommend finishing all edges in whichever way you prefer. These things are a lot of work! If you make a set you won’t want to dread the seams fraying! Good luck on them! They are worth the effort!

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