Fitbit case


Sometimes you use a product and know that there has to be a way to improve it.

That’s how it was for my with my FitBit. I have the FitBit One, which is a little clip one not a bracelet. FitBit says to use this product on your bra or hip.

Neither of those methods worked for me. The bra got too sweaty during a good workout and on the hip it kept popping off every time I picked up my daughter.

So I started clipping it to my shoe. When I wore tennis shoes this was fine, I clipped it to the laces and all was good. But when I wore ballet flats, which is most days, I didn’t know where to put it.

I started attaching it to a stretched out hair band around my ankle but knew I could improve on that.

So I whipped out this case. It’s pleather on one side and a fun denim on the other. You insert the Fitbit through the reading hole and it goes into a fully contained pocket so it doesn’t shift down the strap.

It’s comfortable when I work out and honestly just looks like a leather anklet.

I always liked the idea of a Fitbit but hates everyone knowing I had one on. Now it’s a bit more discreet! 


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