Fairy houses!


On Tuesday I was mopping the floors, and to keep her from wandering all over the wet floor (and inevitably falling on it) I popped the Tinkerbell movies on Netflix.

Miss T hasn’t ever really experienced anything fairy related but she was hooked! She just kept talking about fairies! 

I decided making fairy houses would be a fun project so we scampered off in speech of supplies.   Our backyard haul included some rocks, sticks, pinecones, acorns, bark, and moss. I found a driftwood and some shiny rocks that at one point or another lived in my fish tank to add to our supplies as well.  I thought terrariums would be cool, but all I found were tiny ones… So I popped a little initial and spider plant in it and called this one good. It will live in my kitchen.

Whole not a fairy house it is cute!  The first thing we did was plant out plants. (Our fairy gardens are in large plastic bowls from the dollar store.) then we placed the houses and decor, shiny pebbles and fences.  Once we were satisfied with placement, and after Miss T threw handfuls of dirt in the air shouting “yippee fairies!” It was time to decorate the houses!  First up is the round house above, I used my dremel to cut off the bird perch and open the door up. The roof is shingled with pinecones, and capped with an acorn.   The house is covered in twigs and the door is a random splinter of concrete we found. We painted it with floralish vines on one side and polka splatters on the other.  This house the roof is tree bark. Two sides of the house are painted and two are pineconed. Miss T wanted the twine to be used so I helped her glue it in a couple places.

We set up a pile of acorns outside the ‘gate’ for visiting squirrels and there’s a stack of fire wood next to the front door.

The bird houses and picket fence are both from michaels. The fence was one large section I cut to size and the bird houses were a dollar each.

These little gardens were super fun to make! Miss T is very happy with them and keeps peeking in the windows to see if any fairies showed up yet.

I think the two of us will make a larger fairy garden (outside) when we move next year. I just hope we can keep these plants alive!


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