Pony bedding!


 As is true for many young children as of late, my daughter LOVES My Little Pony. And I do mean loves. A pony accompanies us anytime we leave the house. 

Well, we decided it was time for Miss T to start sleeping in her own bed. Co sleeping is great and I wouldn’t change the past two years for a moment, but it was time! 

So to make the process go a bit smoother I decided to make Miss T her own set of bedding, in of course, My Little Pony print.  We went to the fabric store (Joann’s) and chose a few coordinating fabrics to make a toddler bed set.  We started with a pillow case and flannel throw blanket, which Miss T immediately took to play with. “Pony blankey mommy!!!”  Happy to cuddle her ponies.  After that I whipped up a quick quilt for her that matched the pillow case.  Et voila! The pony bed was ready! She loves it! She added her Pino doll (rapunzel animotor collection from Disney store) and her Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna plush toys and the bed was ready to go! She’s been sleeping in there for three nights now. The first night was tough. She woke every hour or so sobbing that she wanted to come back to mommy’s bed. We stood out ground though, gave her a hug and some kisses and sent her back to her bed.
Her bed is in our room two feet from our bed. 

The second day she woke once and joined us in our bed at about 5 am.

Last night she slept through the night and joined us at breakfast time. I expect this to be the norm from now on, though we may hit a few snags here and there. She’s doing great! 


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