More bday stuff and some slacking


Check out my truffles! They look (and taste) amazeballs and I just want to gobble them up. Alas, they are for Saturday so must live in the fridge until then.

That’s about all I’ve done creatively this week. Oh wait! I lied! I also made this skirt:

Superheroes don’t wear shirts. Miss T says so so it must be true!
I’m a day late on this post, mainly because I’ve been cleaning, packing for a thrift store donation, and generally organizing my home. We have a ton of stuff we don’t love enough to take to Germany so I’m weeding through it slowly but surely.

I got Mister A on board my new minimalism kick, so we will both be buying less in the future. Unless you count beer making gear… Apparently there is no end to that!

I’m going strong in my no fabric resolution! Granted it’s only February, but still!

Anyway. I have a ton of to makes lined up. Perhaps after the party I’ll find some motivation!


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