Prepping for Miss T’s Birthday


My sweet little girl will be a whole TWO at the end of the month. As such, I have been planning her birthday party.

This year we will be doing a little tea party, with a bit of a mad hatter theme.
These are the invitations. Which read:
Dress your best in lace and pearls,
It’s time for tea for boys and girls!
Our little Miss T is turning 2,
She would love to celebrate with you!

Had to go with the rhyme scheme… Because she’s a baby still!
Our main activities will be a hat craft station! I whipped up 15 hats for the kids to decorate, more than enough as I am expecting a maximum of six kids, but I wanted options!
I decorated mine to match the dress I’m planning on wearing.
Mister A decorated his, his is kind of boring! Miss T will decorate hers during her party.

I’m making some photo booth props yet and then all the treats. Hopefully the kids have fun!

Until next time!


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