Moving to Germany!!!


As an army family, you never know where you will live next year. It’s kind of stressful really!

I had high hopes and dreams for going back home. I was wishing and dreaming of easily packing up miss T. and visiting my sisters.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, we are leaving the country! Headed of for an adventure in Germany! I am beyond excited about this.

Sure, it means my family won’t be able to get to know Miss T. until after she is five years old, closer to six, but it will be an amazing opportunity!

I guess I need to start learning German !

I’ve got a few things I want to accomplish before we leave the states, most involving Miss T.

1. Finish this potty training business, which is going just awesome so it’s not hard! She woke up dry tonight and has stayed dry over many outings now.

2. Miss T sleeping in her own bed. She has one. She should use it not mine!

3. Fully weaning Miss T. This one is probably the hardest of all… This girl loves her momo… She named it lol

4. Go through every room of the house and divide things into four categories: take with us, store until we return to the states, donate, throw away. We have a lot of stuff I have no desire to keep, and a lot of stuff that won’t work in Germany like my sewing machines 😦 my stand mixer 😦 not looking forward to losing those! But they aren’t recommended for conversion

5. Finish my mini wardrobe.

I think that’s about it for now!

Until next time!


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