2015 Burda Sewing Challenge


So last year I started subscribing to Burda magazine. I absolutely ADORE getting patterns in my mailbox each month!

As with all pattern sources though, I don’t actually sew anywhere near as many as I should!

So this year I will be participating in the 2015 Burda Sewing Challenge. Basically, I sew one thing from each magazine during the month I get said magazine

Here’s a button linking to more details about this challenge.

Ok on to the sewing! For January I chose this jacket: 2015/01/img_3216.jpg
I felt it was a nice fairly simple jacket and decided I would try it out.
It’s in petite sizes, which I’ve been afraid to try, but I have to say, it fits almost perfectly!

I’m really glad I tried this pattern! Not only does it give me confidence to try out the petite patterns, it gave me a cute jacket!

Pattern Description:
This modern and fashionable jacket is a sure statement piece with sheer sleeves and sheer shoulder panels. The eye-catching deep V neckline is secured with a single button closure.

Pattern Sizing:
Sizes 17-21 petite sizing. I made size 21
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
Pretty much, the V doesn’t seem to be as deep, but I actually prefer it the way it turned out
Were the instructions easy to follow?
I followed the first couple, the yoke, neckband, and back and then just puzzle pieced it together. There aren’t really any finicky details, so as long as you use the correct assembly order you’re probably good.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I haven’t decided if I like or dislike the sleeves. The sleeve pattern is two pieces rather than the one I’m used to. I think maybe I like that feature but I am not 100 percent sure yet… I think the fit is improved by the additional piece but since I used such a stretchy knit, it’s probably overkill. So I’m undecided on it.

Looking at the image, the yoke and sleeves are sheer, I assumed they were a chiffon or the like, not a knit, and had this great woven lace picked out but had to change gears after reading the instructions. It’s not the patterns fault I misinterpreted of course, but it did annoy me in the beginning so I thought I would mention it
Fabric Used:
Some sweater knit for the sleeves and yoke
Some awful black almost canvas fabric for the body of the jacket. I didn’t know if the petite sizing would need a lot of alterations so I went with less than awesome body fabric. Had I known the fit was going to be so perfect with no alterations I would have chosen a higher quality fabric
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
I added a hook and eye closure to the inside flap to keep the jacket laying nicely
I did not line it, I did the facings and that ended it, I could easily have lined it but the fabric is stable enough I didn’t feel it was necessary, and again I didn’t really think it would fit
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?
I probably will not make it again, but only because I have a bajillion and three cute jacket patterns and I honestly don’t need but two or three… I would definitely recommend it though! It was pretty quick to whip up and turns out a cute little jacket
I’m pleasantly surprised about how much I actually like this jacket! The sizing for almost perfectly with no adjustments and its a cute piece!

Running total of things sewn in 2015:
For me: 1 Jacket
For T: 1 dress
For A: 0


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