Patterns selected!


First off. Hey look I knit another hat!
And here my sweet little critter and I are being goofy in our hats.

Alright, now on to the topic of the day. I have selected the patterns I will be using for my spring/summer capsule wardrobe!

Remember, this will be a ten piece mini wardrobe consisting of two pairs of pants, two skirts, four tops, and two dresses. Now, let’s see what I chose!

For the tops I chose four very different ones that I like the look and shape of.

Simplicity 1425: I will be doing this one up in a nice grey, not sure which view I want to do yet, but am leaning towards B. I like the collar.

Simplicity 1872: I’ll do this one up in a soft silky cream. I think it will be just lovely!

January 2014, BurdaStyle UK: this one I will be doing in black and white stripes. A silky sheer black and white I think, though maybe not a sheer, it depends when I fiddle with it.

Burdastyle UK, February 2015: a soft sheer pink. I’ve got the fabric in mind! As I subscribe to the magazine, I just have to wait for this one to arrive. It will show up sometime soon!

I have a nice little variety for the dresses and bottoms as well. First up, the dresses!

McCall’s 6503:View C. In pink. Not sure yet if I’ll do a solid or a print of some kind, I just know it will be pink!

October 2014, BurdaStyle UK: I’m think black yoke striped dress. Maybe a sheer stripe over a black underlayer? Or over white? Haven’t decided for sure yet. Need to layer fabrics and select my preference.

Now for skirts:

February 2014, BurdaStyle UK: In a pretty pink. Either this view or the one with pleating. It depends if my pink is solid or print.

Simplicity 1200: In stripes. I still have to buy this pattern. Hopefully Joann’s has it during their 5 for 5 sale coming up next week.

And last but not least, pants:

February 2014, BurdaStyle UK: These ones in a pink pinstripe.

November 2014, BurdaStyle UK: And these in grey, though I’m not 100% sold on this one. I may switch it out still.

There you have it! My, rather extensive, sewing plan! I’m thinking I’ll start sewing one of these soon, perhaps over the weekend.

Until next week!

Running total of things sewn in 2015:
For me: 0
For T: 1 dress
For A: 0


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