Coletterie Wardrobe Architect


Have you heard about this? I am about 99% sure I am going to be participating in it.

These are the monthly guidelines:
“January – Find your core style and explore shapes
February – Clean out your closet and take inventory
March – Review and finalize your spring/summer sewing projects
April – Plan colors and shop for spring fabric
May & June – Sew for your spring/summer capsule wardrobe
July – Review and finalize your autumn/winter sewing projects
August – Plan colors and shop for autumn fabric
September & October – Sewing for your autumn/winter capsule wardrobe
November – Review and refine
December – Show off your wardrobe!”

I’ll likely start sewing far before they do here, mainly because I already have all my fabric.

It will be fun to follow along with this! Although, I would like to have my spring/summer wardrobe done by early May at the latest and fall/winter by early September. That way I can actually use them.

Here are the goals for January:
Get a notebook, sketchbook, or binder
Read through the Wardrobe Architect weeks 1-4
Complete exercises and projects for Wardrobe Architect weeks 1-4
Design or collect 20 pattern ideas that reflect your core style and preferred silhouettes. We’ll pare these down later.
Grab a button for your blog!

I found last year’s WA series not all that long ago and fiddled about with it and came up with these ideas
For a color scheme, all colors I look good in that also look good together I decided on:

For the words to describe how you want to look I came up with: Feminine, polished, modest, timeless, graceful

For prints I enjoy I came up with these:


They also ask for basic silhouettes and I decided on these



2015/01/img_2962.png I’m planning to move away from sky high heels, though I will keep a pair or two on reserve for date night. I love shoes though. I’ve been drawn lately to kitten heels and ballet flats. I feel they are both more suited to day to day life and my current status as mom.

Anyway that’s where I stand right now! I’m gonna fiddle about with patterns this week and decide what I want to sew. They suggest starting with 20 patterns, but since I already identified my first capsule goal of ten pieces, see previous post, I’m going to decide precisely which ten I’d like to make.

Until next week!


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