Happy 2015!


I have rather lofty goals this year.

Maintain this blog: post once a week, even if I don’t really have any new projects I’m sure I can find something to post about! Wednesday seems like as good a day as any to post soooo I will be posting every Wednesday!

No buying fabric. Eek! This one scares me! But I want to use my stash so if I buy no fabric for a full year I think I will cutdown my room full of fabric a bit.

Make a fully handmade wardrobe, exterior stuff only, I’m not ready to tackle bras yet!

To start I’m going to make a ten piece capsule wardrobe. It will consist of two pairs of pants, two skirts, two dresses, and four tops. I’m going to use this as a base

Now I won’t be doing these exact pieces mind you, but I’ll be doing these colors and using this as a guide.

When I finish that I will reassess and decide what to make next.

I’m also teaching myself to knit! I’ve tried before and got super bored super fast… But I have lots of yarn I have no idea what to do with so I’m trying again.

Now on to what I’ve been doing creative wise this year. I kind of burnt myself out sewing for Christmas so I’ve only knitted so far this year.

I made myself a hat! I used way too thin yarn for this pattern but I kinda like it anyway, it’s lacy and pink and those are traits I enjoy 🙂 not too bad for the second thing I’ve ever knit!

And this is the first thing I ever made! A hat for my daughter. She hates it. But she hates her ears covered so I should have expected as much. Ah well!

I haven’t decided what my next project will be yet… But maybe I will have by next week! See you Wednesday!


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