Butterick 5313


Just finished up Butterick 5313, which is an out of print pattern I have in my stash.

I made this dress once before, ages ago, and love the fit, it’s super comfortable and is pretty flattering. It’s a fabulous every day dress.
I did something a bit strange while making this, a technique I use on doll clothes.

Instead of making the dress and then setting the sleeves, which can be a bit fussy, I attached the sleeves to the shoulders and then did a long seam from the end of the sleeve to the hem of the dress in one go.

I’m not sure when this will or won’t work, but in this case it worked!
I added this picture because my teddy bear of a dog wanted in on the camera action. Ok, so really he wanted to eat my socks. He loves socks… But he’s cute so I forgive him!

You can’t really tell, but the neck binding is made of the knit lace like the sleeves. And is hand sewn. The hem and the sleeve hems are also hand sewn.

Not needed for knits, but all edges are serged. I’m working on making everything I make durable and strong.

I sew for my own enjoyment, why rush on something I love doing?


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