Pattern review sewing bee week 1!


So not too long ago I mentioned I was joining the sewing bee, well week one is now submitted!


The challenge this week was to make an a-line skirt. My skirt is an a-line, albeit a less traditional one than the standard

I love how it turned out! Though I wish I had used an inch longer zipper. This was my first ever fly zip and it turned out great!

IMG_1682.JPG the skirt is fully lined in the skirt fabric, with an emphasis on pattern matching (something I had never tried before!) so when the light does shine the checks all match!

I used pattern 122a (or b or c… I think they were all identical…) from burda style UK 08/2014

I made the skirt in a size 40, which is a bit tight! But as I’m losing weight right now I wanted it to fit next week too so I went a bit on the small side!

I can see this skirt getting a ton of wear! It’s so light and fluffy! It even has pockets! Which I made sure to show the husband about a hundred times! He loves making fun of girl clothes since they never have pockets…

Happy sewing!


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