Getting in shape


I’ve been working hard on getting in shape!

It’s been 22 days since I started working out.. Now I have no idea about my weight, has it changed? I won’t check. I think measuring changes based on weight is just an awful method!

I use body measurements instead! On the 6th, when I started working out, my measurements were 41 bust 31 waist 41 hips. Not too bad. But that’s a pretty thick waist and I knew I could get it down.

Now, 22 days later, I’m at 40 bust 28 waist 40 hip! Three inches down on the waist! It’s an awesome improvement! If you look at the picture, my love handles are almost gone!

I haven’t really been structuring my workouts so far, just making sure I do something. but starting today, I have a plan.

I will be walking two (or more) miles daily. Plus doing some featured workouts I’ve saved from magazines over the years.

I have a dream goal of losing three more inches on my bust waist and hips. I think it’s doable! But my more realistic and important goal is to get in shape. Flat tummy, no muffin top/love handles, lose the jiggle. Yep that’s the goal!

Maybe to make it so I actually blog, I’ll include fitness updates… Keep myself motivated!


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