Happy Birthday Baby!


So my daughter is almost one. I’ve been working on this for a good week, and am planning to do a real photoshoot (birthday photos!) soon. But, here’s a sneak peak!

100% completely winged it on both the dress and the bolero
I absolutely adore how it turned out! I love the colors on her and think she’s probably the cutest thing ever! (100% biased of course)
20140222-235909.jpg I used some super cheap red tag clearance sari fabric from Joann’s. I loved the colors instantly and picked up the last yard and a half on the bolt.

When I got home though I ended up pretty irritated. The hemline, which I used almost exclusively for the dress, was covered in red ink.

I decided to go for it anyway, the dress uses every inch of clean fabric. If I hadn’t liked the colors so much I would have returned it.

Even in the clearance section it’s pretty crappy for things to be scribbled on. Sari fabric is expensive. Even at clearance it was still 10 bucks a yard.

Even with the fabric issues, I think it all ended up well. I got the dress finished, I made the bolero, but where I should have had extra fabric for a headband or something I had to do a lot of fussy cutting to get there.


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