Resolutions and Aspirations


It’s the new year. Which of course makes it resolution time! It’s a silly tradition of course, most people don’t keep up with their resolutions.

But I make them every year, so why stop now? So without further ado, my resolutions for 2014:

1. Create a shop to sell the things I make. That’s Eri de la Phi’s end goal. I may not sell much, it might be slow, it might never be successful, or it could be an amazing experience. Won’t know until we try right?

2. Regain full mobility in my left side. Due to pregnancy complications on top of an old injury, I have limited mobility on my left side. I notice it A LOT when attempting yoga. It bothers me. I’m going to keep working to repair my body. Maybe I will get in shape, but that isn’t the goal.

3. Eat less candy. I am a serious chocolate addict. Chocolate and peanut butter? My bane. I recently realized it is in fact an addiction and not just a love. So, I’m going to cut it from my diet completely for a month, and extremely limit it thereafter.

Nothing super exciting in there really, but things I think I can pull off! Come December we will see how well I do!


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